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Do you want to make money blogging? If you do – you’re not alone. More and more bloggers are finding …

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Here’s my another share about making money on blogging from a hardcore internet marketer Darren Rowse. 🙂

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Making Money Archives – Blogging with Amy

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I just stumbled the blog of Amy Lnn Andrews. As a newbie, I found this page archive very fit to me at this moment where I’m wondering how to start monetizing my blog. It’s simple, direct and actionable. I’m sharing it here.

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Brand Marketers and Bloggers Are Not Synchronize On The Latest TechnoratiMedia Report

TechnoratiMedia just published its latest 2013 Digital Influence Report. I will share to you how I’m viewing the report as aspiring neophyte in digital marketing. Be guided that this report was based on this survey numbers: 6,000 influencers, 1,200 consumers, and 150 top brand marketers. Here are the points which I believed that will have a huge impact on the industry.

1. On Brands Digital Budget Breakdown
Almost 75% of brand spending goes to display advertising, search and producing video. Marketers whose focus are inline with these will have the upperhand. But there’s a     positive indication on social media marketing as 60% of the brand marketers projected a 40% increase on spend this year. In the report, Facebook attracts more than half of the total social media spend.


2. On Digital Budget Outlook
Brand managers see a 79%, 59% and 59% budget increase on mobile, social media and video respectively.

3. On How Brands Measured Earned Media Success
Facebook Likes and Facebook Fans has become a significant barometer for brands. How about the Engagement to customers, why it’s not considered as one important factor for social media’s success?

4. On Consumer Behavior
Although Youtube and Facebook are the most online services used by the consumers, News Sites are considered the most trustworthy. And services that influence most for customers to purchase are Retail Sites, Brand Sites, Blogs and Facebook. It is notable how blogs attracted customers in buying products or services. Instagram and Pinterest lead in the number of followers likely to purchase.


5. On Creating Influence
As we observe in the report, BLOGS are important factor in pushing a sale to consumers and these are run by people we called Influencers or Bloggers. 95% of them owned 1 – 5 blog sites. Facebook and Twitter are the most used social platforms by influencers in generating referrals, shares and revenue. Blog or Website Page Views is the top basis for bloggers measuring their success.

6. On Influencers and Revenue
This part of the report, shocked me most. More than half of the bloggers earned less than $1,000 in a year! IS THIS REALLY TRUE? Advertising program is the primary source of income.


7. On Influencers and Brands
Bloggers follow brands mostly on facebook and twitter to keep up with the brands’ activities. 70% of influencers received under 10 working opportunities every week from brands, mostly from a channel of PR agency. Expectations by brands that influencer’s time is free and irrelevant incoming pitches are the top most concerned points.

The irony here, is that brand marketers and influencers are not in synchronized in gauging campaigns’ success. Influencers on traffic/page views and brand marketers for facebook likes.

What’s your view on this report buddies? 🙂

Infographics Rock!

Infographics, stumbling on it, will make you stick with it in a considerable time. The medium is eye-catching, flowing and compelling. Take a look at this one. For sure you know what I mean after you clicked that link. Infographic contains the author’s whole content ideas and perspective presented in a visually masterful image. Inside it, are information, data sets, graphs, numbers and more, interlinked together to produce a story in one single fantastic image.

For readers, infographic is a great way of saving time in consuming valuable contents. Also it is presented in a non boring easy to understand post. If you let your audience to choose between a 2,000 word article and a one image infographic post  to represent a certain content. We all knew what will be their choice.

Image: GroupTalent

For content creators and businesses, infographic is an effective way of producing high shareability rate articles. It will result on more virality and attracts good traffic too. Publishing more valuable infographics will result for more authority scale for that particular brand owning it. SEO and  social media campaigns of the companies are also main benefactors.

Here’s a great collection of social media infographics from Social Media Marketing Tips and Tricks. It’s a win-win for both audience and content creators. Infographics are here to stay. Any thoughts my good buddies? 🙂