A Fresh Start

4 days ago, I was given a contract as Blog Commentator in an online job platform. This is my first on this freshkind of job. As I’m doing it, amazement and realization struck me. Online opportunities are tremendous!

But beware, fresh explorer like me, the terms alone here will create ton of headaches for you. And the medium of this opportunity is so vast that will make your sleepless nights, imagining yourself reaping the fruits of undiscovered treasure.

The following terminologies bombarding me in all sides: SEO, content marketing, search keywords, social media, infographics, SMX event, analytics, PPC, traffic, affiliate marketing, penguin, panda. I’ve even stumbled up on the term sharecropping. Now, headaches? Isn’t it?

My strong advise, forget all the terms I just mentioned. But keep this in mind, those terms are the ingredients that constitute the entire mine of opportunities online. Let’s pick them up one by one as we explore.

In fact, because of my current online job, it exposed me to make my first step via WordPress that leads me in creating my first blog here.

I’m decided to explore this mine. It’s my Day 1. Pretty dark and not sure like the first second you enter a movie house but minutes later, all features inside the movie house appeared to you pretty nice and clear. I believe months or years later I will see diamonds inside this dark medium I’m standing.

Come and let’s start the journey together.