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Thinking of earning online? There are tons out there. One surefire online good earners are those people behind establish blog sites. They earn in different way and style. It’s been more than a month now since I started to blog, there are sites that I consider I’m most exposed with. I’m calling them, my early influencers. Here they are in alphabetical orders.

1. BASICBLOGTIPS of Ileane Smith. Most of the times when I’m searching something about blogging, her site always popping up. It seems, Ileane is everywhere :). She is having a good job with her SEO thing for sure. The story how she got her site’s logo is very inspiring for new aspiring graphic designer. She looks very approachable for an expert, I’ll get in touch with you soon Ileane. 🙂

2. guide&news of Ehsan Ullah. I came across Ehsan’s article a week before I posted my first article, at that time Ehsan’s articles sinked in to me quickly. His articles are very simply put, direct and very easy to understand for people like me who are starting to blog. And I found out, he is an 18-year-old kid from Afghanistan. Wow!

3. Jonathan Payne of My Social Game Plan. Being in contact with this guy now, I learned the importance of having a network inside blogger communities. Jonathan values the power of guest posting with other blog sites.

Image representing Neil Patel as depicted in C...

Neil Patel (Image via CrunchBase)

4. KISSmetrics of Neil Patel. He is earning from his software products, projected in the blog smartly. I could say, his personality weighs more than his blog when I read his one article denouncing bloggers on frenzy buying of luxurious cars from their enormous blog income.

5. PROBLOGGER of Darren Rowse. I like his quote on his about page, “One Step At A Time”. His blog is all over the search engine if you’re researching about blogging world. As I read his story, it inspires me more to keep doing the blog thing.

6. Social Media Examiner of Michael Stelzner. Click it and you will be glued to his site and be counted to his more than 600,000 monthly visitors. Considered as the top blog in small business category of Technorati. His blog is very rich in content. Know his thoughts from his popular books: Book 1 and Book 2.

It’s safe to say that $10,000 a month income is chicken 🙂 for them. And there are more of them out there. We will meet them soon as we continue our journey. How about you, who are your early influencers?


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  8. Thank you so much for mentioning me and my blog in your post. I’m so pleased to know that you find the resources helpful. Best wishes for your success in blogging!

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