HootSuite Can Manage Most Of Your Social Media Accounts

Do you have more than two facebook acounts? How about twitter, google+, linkedin, foursquare, wordpress or myspace accounts? If you have now five or more social media accounts and logging it all at the same time to check all contents of each account, then it will be tedious work for you. You will be bombarded by notifications at all sides until you drop. Tiredness and ineffectiveness sinks in.

There are many apps available to help us on this problem. One very helpful app I used recently is the Hootsuite. Using it for a week now, it assisted me in managing my different social media accounts in one setting.


Now, I don’t need to open all my social media account in different log-ins. I just need to sign-in my Hootsuite account. Voila! I see all my different social media accounts and manage from it!

Inside Hootsuite, we can see all our activities in facebook, twitter, google+, linked and others. News feed, wall posts, blogs feed, sent blog posts, home feed, mentions, direct messages, sent tweets and more can all be monitored at the same time. We can even send posts and tweets.

And here’s what I like most so far, I can schedule all my posts and tweets on my desired time! I can set the posting of my contents after an hour, 4 hours, a day or more. It’s up to you when to schedule the posting of your contents.

hoot 2

Try it now. It’s a huge help in managing your social media undertakings and it’s FREE! You can update later on for premium paid features if needed. If you’re using other useful apps like this, please feel free to share. What it is buddy? 🙂

Have fun and productive social media activities to all.


3 thoughts on “HootSuite Can Manage Most Of Your Social Media Accounts

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