Monetize Blog: Newbie’s Plan

Looking at my previous post, finally I made up my mind :). I’m going to continue this free hosted blog and will open soon a new blog in platform for easy monetizing (a process where you can earn using your blog site, as I understand it) options.

After launching the new blog, the initial plan towards monetizing it are the following:
1. Do research on what will be the best steps towards Affiliate Marketing.
2. Consider the different options of Google AdSense.
3. Sell a Video Communication System package.

These are my initial how to do list after launching my new blog. Of course sharing valuable contents is the top most priority. Driving traffic on the site is another required thing to tackle.

The 3 lists above are negligible on the limitless options on how we can earn in the internet. So, how about you? How are you earning online? Don’t be shy or don’t be greedy 🙂 to share buddy.

It’s our Day 26 on this blog. Let’s continue the journey. Stay tuned for my upcoming blog in platform.


2 thoughts on “Monetize Blog: Newbie’s Plan

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