WordPress.com or WordPress.org, which one?

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Now on my 20th day of my blog, I’m planning to attempt moves (original plan is after 2 months :)) to start monetizing it even in a very little way, but the platform said ….. oops! Not possible buddy. Here are the following reasons:
1. Most monetizing tools will come from plug-ins. And my free hosted platform
    WordPress.com is not allowing any plug-ins.
2. Free hosted WordPress.com is not also welcoming affiliate links, in which affiliate  
    marketing is one great way to monetize your blog.
What’s gonna be the move for a 20 days old starter blogger like me? Here’s what I found and planning to do:
a. Find a commendable web hosting company and move to WordPress.org platform
    where plug-ins are welcome.
b. Or, I will create new blog for WordPress.org platform and let my current blog continue in
    WordPress.com platform.
c. After choosing which of the 2 previous options, I will start installing commendable
    monetizing plug-ins.
I knew, this will be a very long way to go. A process must take in. Let’s have this journey moving little steps at a time. Along the way, we will take advises from the well crafted people in the industry. Any thoughts? Your comments are much appreciated.
Be with me. Let’s keep exploring buddies.


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5 thoughts on “WordPress.com or WordPress.org, which one?

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  3. I suggest you buy your own domain and pay for hosting fees as well. You’ll get more opportunities to monetize your site. Happy blogging bro!

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