How we will earn in blogging as newcomer in WordPress?

drownedI felt overwhelmed and tired after 2 days of research on how to earn in WordPress but inspired to go on. Now I realized, the question can’t be answered exactly within a week or months but years of exploring this medium. I believe that this will be a long but profitable journey.

The options to earn are plenty or I might say approaching limitless as I go over to read some of the articles about making money in WordPress. Here are the following that came to me:

Selling Products, advertising, affiliate links, paid memberships, theme development & designs, plug-in development, consultancy, customization, support, training provider, writing, selling e-books, and lots more. It’s an ocean of online treasures are there!

But stop newcomer, don’t get drowned. The ocean is deep, very deep. Let’s start learning first how to swim. Familiarize the WordPress platform, I found this basic step guidelines very helpful.

We can’t yet swim deep now. Keep practicing. Let’s study diligently this platform. It will take time. Let’s try swimming it one deep down next 2 months. Let’s do it together fellow newcomer.

One advise I can give now, keep posting and writing. I will do it at least 3 posts a week. You can do it more buddy.

We explore now. Seasoned bloggers here we are willing to follow your pathways, guide us.

3 thoughts on “How we will earn in blogging as newcomer in WordPress?

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