Wohoo! Happy Year 2013!

Hi guyz! I will post it here my New Year’s Video E-mail to all of you. Watch in the video, the Fantastic London Fireworks! Happy New Year to all.


oDesk is Waiting For You

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Tremendous, this is how I described in my first post how we can earn online. It might be a job or a business. The last few days, while I’m giving time researching on different opportunities on the internet, I do kept doing my online job which helps a lot during this holidays.

Let me share to you about my current online job in oDesk. Although I had been doing this a year ago and stop for a while but back again last week due to low sales on other starting business. Here are the points why these online jobs might need your consideration:

1. It’s FREE.

2. Very easy to sign-up.

3. Right away apply on your desired jobs after taking the very easy to pass readiness test.

4. Thousands of new online jobs posted every hour.

5. When hired, you can work on your own convenient way at your own time in your own


6. Payments are guaranteed for high feedback score employers. (Choose employers with

    five star feedback)


Currently I’m having a 40 hours weekly part-time job in oDesk. It did help really. This post is my thing to give thanks to the company for having such excellent platform for people worldwide to have an opportunity to work conveniently at home with fair income (super great earnings to some).

If you’re that kind of person spending 4 hours or more everyday on the internet without income in return, online opportunity such as this is worth considering. No room for doubts, successful companies are sourcing out their workforce from this company. So you’re working with peace of mind to get paid at designated time.

oDesk is one online opportunity we rightfully identified and there will be more to come. We will continue to search more online treasure for you. Let’s explore, explore and explore! Happy Year 2013 everyone!

I was struck by this simple yet striking article of David Cummings. I’m reblogging it here.

David Cummings on Startups

In entrepreneurship and life there’s a concept I’m a big fan of: pay it forward. The idea of pay it forward is that you help other people without expecting anything in return. Sometimes the help is returned 100x over and most of the time nothing is returned. Regardless, paying it forward is the right thing to do. Now, I can’t respond to every inquiry for help, especially requests for an hour of my time in person, but I do shoot to spend at least a few hours per week helping others.

Here are several ways to pay it forward:

  • When your product or service doesn’t meet the needs of a prospect, you go out of your way to find someone that can help
  • When an acquaintance forwards a resume over, you pass it on to someone that might be interested in it
  • When an entrepreneur asks for help, you spend…

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Pete Cashmore: The $95 Million Guy

pete$6 Million, estimated income per month is thunderous for a blog company called Mashable! I heard and read people blog to earn between $100 – $500 a month, but that much of Mashable craze me up (yes, I’m just a week old in blog industry).

Pete Cashmore, the 19 year old Scottish boy eight years ago started it on his bedroom. What a simple and humble beginning, that urged me to follow him in twitter and subscribe in facebook, lol. Now he is currently included in Time Magazine’s 30 under 30 and was listed on it’s 2012 100 Most Influential People.

He is a driver, a pusher for us aspiring blogger to continue and focus on what we believe why we start writing then. His company site is attracting 25 million visits average a month, while mine has only 64 views in 8 days, lol. We called it Traffic (please check this great post about traffic), that’s Mr. Cashmore’s and other high profile blogs doing in funneling cashflow to their companies.

It’s one of the proofs that we can make it big … very huge here in blogging. This medium offer and show us the opportunity. Pete’s own driver to blog? He wanted to be part of the conversation about technological change. He got it in Mashable after 8 years and made him currently the $95 Million Guy!

And what drives you now?